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August 26th, 1944 - November 10, 2022

Brenda Joyce Crawford lived a life that was uniquely hers, on her own terms. She is deeply loved and missed.

Read Brenda's obituary here.

Tell us your Brenda story

Brenda Joyce Crawford was a bright light. She had a laugh that would fill the room and echo down the hall. Brenda touched the lives of so many friends, co-workers, students and community members. If you are one of these people, we want to hear your Brenda story. 

Brenda's daughter Candice is collecting remembrances to make a video that illuminates all the many facets of her mom's life. It would mean so much if you took a couple minutes to record one or two of the memories that stand out when you think of Brenda and what she meant to you.


How to share your Brenda story:

  • On your own or with the help of a friend, use a smart phone to record your Brenda story. 

  • Hold the phone horizontally (landscape), not vertically (portrait).

  • Make sure we can hear you - not too much other noise going on, no wind.

  • Don't worry about perfect. Love is what matters.

  • This part is important! Start your video by telling us YOUR NAME. For example: "My name is ______ ______ , and I met Brenda..." or "My name is ______ ______ , and what I remember best about Brenda is...."

  • When you're done, upload your video here: BRENDA STORIES


Thank you so much. This means the world.

When we finish the video, we will share it here. 

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